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The Gaming Addict's National Federation is an independent organisation of gambling addiction associations.

Their Aim is to prevent and remedy gambling addiction.

They want to do this by:

  • Disseminate information about the addicts
  • Inform and support gambling addicts
  • Create realistic conditions and resource
  • Prevent gambling's social effects,
  • Follow and initiate research and treatment

Gambling addict's open facebook group

Get involved join the Spelberoendes riksförbund's facebook group called “Spelberoendes riksförbund's .

It is an open group and its free to become a member.

Work in progress

Many issues such as foreign gaming companies entering the Swedish market and the consequences thereof.

The way the Swedish regulated gaming markets being handled are all discussed

According to the Swedish Gambling Association The impact that online gaming is having on Sweden over the past few years is of great concern.

The Regulators have Introduced many sanctions for companies that violate safe gambling, and this has helped reduce addiction.

They are pushing for more to be done to stop illegal gambling.

Casino Spelberoende  in Sweden is getting to a point where it has to be more seriously addressed.


The Gaming Addict's National Association created in 2000 by a conglomerate of gambling addiction associations around the country.

In November 2001 the Minister of Social Affairs instituted a plan to develop a national action program containing measures for, preventive work and support to voluntary organizations and care and treatment for gambling addiction.

If you are interested in more of the history of the association check the Spelberoende’s National Anniversary Journal.

Here are only benefits to contacting the group.

 if you are worried about your playing or are relatives playing you are not alone this is a widespread problem there is always help get solving the situation that has arisen.


 The Healing process is facilitated by both players and relatives as support is done in groups.

They are available on an individual or group basis  The organisation has worked  with gambling addiction for a an extended  long time  and are we suited to approach gambling an addition issues  .



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