Responsible Gambling Council

Building Knowledge & Creating Solutions

The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) is was created and run as an independent non-profit organization they are fully dedicated to problem gambling prevention.

Main Aim - Responsible gambling in Canada 

RGC main aim is to work to reduce gambling risks by making players aware and providing information programs offered by Responsible gambling in Canada Responsible Gaming Council .

They are committed to reducing the damage gambling problems do including those families of  of people with  who have experience with gambling problems.

What's the Problem with Problem Gambling?

Innovative Awareness and Information Programs

RGC delivers innovative awareness and information programs for people affected by these issues these , include adults, parents, youth and young adults, older adults, new Canadians and the aboriginal community.

Improved Safeguards for Safer Play

RGC  has also initiated  plans and  promotes the adoption of improved play to protect people against the harm of gambling addictions.

No matter how good you are at awareness programs, you cannot reduce problem gambling simply by changing the patterns of behaviour of the gambler. You have to look at how gambling is provided.

Jon Kelly, former CEO

Responsible Gambling Council

Bringing Together All Perspectives

The organisation Responsible gambling in Canada Responsible Gaming Council  is  committed to bring together all perspectives  stakeholders from software to casinos to help safeguard player safety  and in the reduction of gambling..

Their vision is simple

Create A world free of problem gambling.

The mission

To prevent problem gambling and reduce its impacts. 

The work hard to accomplish   mission by focusing on: 

  • Empowering gamblers to make sensible choices.
  • Influencing decision makers to aim for bets practices.
  • Raising public awareness for support of problem gambling.
  • Build awareness and understanding
  • Identify and share news and solitons to prevent problem gambling.
  • Establish standards.
  • Bring people together to discuss issues
  • Help connect people to share gambling problem stories.

Our core values

    • Humanity — The 100% believe in human dignity change. 
    • Integrity — Always strive to meet the highest
    • Courage — The organisation believe it takes courage to make real change and problem gamblers need plenty
    • Ingenuity — inventive and resourceful in the ways to prevent and treat these problems.

The Organisation is For People Who Gamble

Warning Signs

These are the general signs of a potential problem with you or ones that you love so beware it can be different for everyone and the reasons are never the same .

Never the Same

  • Constantly thinking or talking about gambling
  • Spending more time or money on gambling
  • Finding it difficult to control
  • Feeling a sense of emptiness
  • Gambling more in order to win
  • Thinking that your gambling will get under control
  • Borrowing money, selling things, committing (or considering committing)
  • Often gambling
  • Needing to gamble with larger amounts
  • Experiencing extreme highs
  • Gambling to escape personal
  • Getting irritated more easily
  • Feeling guilty about gambling
  • Getting criticized by others
  • Having arguments with friends
  • Refusing to discuss gambling
  • Hiding bills, past due notices, from your partner or family member
  • Gambling instead of attending family functions
  • Not looking after your  family
  • Neglecting work because of gambling
  • Ignoring personal Hygene
  • Consistently or always planning holidays
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