PGF Services

PGF New Zealand  Gambling Help.

The PGF Services

They have well trained staff that are ready to help. Their team of qualified counselors help is provided free it is done in a very professional and confidential way and counselling is always provided for both gamblers and families.

Gambling addiction

Gambling addiction has significant and drastic impacts on people’s lives. When People start phoning a gambling helpline looking for help it can be a difficult step to take.

The organisation and its counselling work in a different way too Gamblers Anonymous they don’t want people to quite cold but rather gain control of their gambling.

Talking is the way to go and it goes a long way to getting people some relief and their lives back on track but also show Keno NZ Results Online wich is stranage too.

Who are PGF

PGF was once called the Problem Gambling Foundation but is now trading as PGF Group

The PGF Group has the following organisations under them

  1. PGF Services
  2. Mapu Maia
  3. Asian Family Services

Their Story

The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand was created by psychiatrist Fraser McDonald as the Compulsive Gambling Society (CGS) in 1988 at the time it was set up there was no organisations that could help with gambling problems.

Help used to be provided by telephone and was more a medical-based philosophy but has now changed to a public health approach.

PGF philosophy

Is to try and eliminate the harm to the public gambling can cause and the best way to do this is the health approach to problem gambling.

Their Vision

PGF maintains the importance and directives that vulnerable individuals, families and communities must always be protected and have the support needed to get well. The  Group maintains that a just society is the only way to benefit from the help they provide and wants to ensure its accessible and equally shared with all.

In New Zealand

The vision that they want for New Zealand is provide help and make sure all families and communities   remain safe in a just society.

The Belief is that Families and Communities are the cornerstones of the social structure and this is the foundation of our society and key to individual health and well-being.

Their Mission

PGF Group will do everything in its power and play its part in achieving the vision. The main aim is to minimize gambling harm for individuals, families and communities by providing help organizing family support, providing information and advice. 

Their Core Values are!

People-centered – Whanau and community well being

Social justice - Equity and equality

Courageous - Minimize harm and support the vulnerable

Innovative - Improve access and achieve better outcomes

Treaty of Waitangi - improved outcomes for Māori partnership and participation

Professional -Best practice in service, public health and advocacy.

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