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The mission I of the NCPG s to lead and guide state and national stakeholders to develop comprehensive policy and programs.

The main purpose of the organisation is to serve as the national advocate problem gamblers.

They have a mission and it is mainly to improve health and wellness of problem gambling addicted in a social way.  

They are not against gambling their ain is to educate and counsel.


The organization was founded in 1972 by a man called. Joseph A. Dunne and Dr. Robert Custer.

From Day 1 the principles of the organisation have not changed they advocate and assist for problem gamblers and their families in getting help and it does not have an anti or any specific stance on legalized gambling


The Purpose of the NPGC is to serve and o assist people and families affected by problem gambling.

They want to help addicted to gambling people and families. Addicted to gambling USA speak to them.

Their Vision is to mainly improve health and wellness and the costs of problem gambling.

They have a Mission and it is to lead state and national stakeholders in developing policy for problem gambling related issues.


Neutrality They don’t have a stance on legalized gambling.

Collaboration They collaborate and act on a broad range of topics.

Respect: They try and treat all those affected by problem gambling with the utmost respect and sympathy.


The organisation will always strive to be as objective, accurate and reliable as possible

The NCPG concentrates its efforts on these core principles.

  1. Increase public awareness of problem gambling.  
  2. Increase accessibility and quality of problem gambling services.  
  3. Provide and support advocacy at state and Federal level. .
  4. Maintain financial & organizational health to sustain NCPG.


The organisation is always looking to Broaden public awareness of problem gambling.

They also want to Promote the accessibility, availability and affordability of recovery services for the problem gambling effected and the families.

NPGC continues its hard work and Research in the aid to establish and promote prevention of addication.

The main ideas are to Improve the knowledge and skills of people counselling the addicted and their families.


The National Council on Problem Gambling is the starting point for those seeking help with gambling problems. Problem gambling is not very commons in fact it is rare but chronic and is 100% a mental disorder Gambling addiction can be treated. The addicted must seek out help or  a gambling problem may get worse.


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