About Hjelpelinjen - Spille Avhengighet in Norway

The Hjelpelinjen  Spille Avhengighet in Norway .

Norway helpline is a joint venture between the Lottery Authority and the Inland Hospital HF Sanderud.

The Lottery Authority  is  responsible for results and lottery information and marketing.

The Inland Hospital HF Sanderud  and  its Department of intoxication-related psychiatry help with the addiction services .

There objectives are simple:

  • Help people in recover
  • Refer people for treatment
  • Teach about gambling addiction.


Gambling addiction is a disease that needs treatment.  

Getting Treatment for gambling addicts is  easy .

If people need it  all they need to do Their contact GP or NAV.

Treatment across the country

Spille Avhengighet in Norway run by Hjelpelinjen and   is spread across the country .

Treatment for gambling addicts in Norway is always outpatient.

What this means is that for two hours per week for 8-12 weeks people with a addiction problems can get help. 

The Organisation

The organisation has increased its number of professionals who are skilled and educated in psychiatry and drug abuse they all now provide treatment to gambling addicts. 

The treatments are individual but the group offers group treatments too.

 Find a treatment ofer near you .

Remote treatment

They have a way to treat people remotely.

This means that treatments are done via the Internet and telephone.

 Read more about the remote treatment offer.


Gambling addiction has consequences for Family members of the addicted plus influences work and social Lives. 

More than not it’s  the relatives reach out to get help for the player with the problem.

Difficult situation

Addiction causes rifts as one day Suddenly you may wake up and realise that the person you trusted your entire life has lived a double life as a gambling addict. 

The addict often becomes absent and because of this people suspect infidelity or drug problems not gambling addiction.

Addiction can cause crisis situations which can lead to Loss of work and ensures the player gets depressed and can then have suicidal thoughts.

There is a possibility that family members out of guilt become co-dependent adapt their life to try to protect the addicted

. It is understandable but families can ruin their own lifes by taking responsibility for the player it’s not a good situation rather seek help.

Keeps the façade

Gambling addicts always hide their debt and keep the facade that all is good in spite of their struggle’s debt and gambling. 

Need help

Gambling addiction will and always does develop into very serious situations.

There are ways people can get help with gambling debts, and it is important to address the problem before it becomes too big.

The sooner and earlier you catch the problem and deal with it  you  can do something about the gambling debt and get help sooner rather than letting  it get out of hand.

Help from NAV

You can also contact NAV for help in cleaning up difficult financial situations. Find out more about what NAV can help you with .


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