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About - Help for gambling addictions

The organization was Founded in 1997 it is seen as one of the leading providers of gambling addiction advice and support. They run and manage the National Gambling Helpline.

Their main responsibility is the treatment of problem gamblers and support for their families.

They do all this by creating awareness and educating people about responsible gambling within the gambling industry.

You can read our full Strategy for 2018-21 here.

Their Mission

To support those affected by problem gambling and help for gambling addictions .


  • They make sure they provide high quality and effective support but do this in a very and non-judgmental way across the whole of Great Britain
  • Help make sure that their help is versatile and responsive
  • They are also heavily responsible  and work closely with operators and regulators  to develop and implement  effective responsible gambling policies.


Always Take the lead in developing  best practice for the research, education and communication of gambling related issues.

They are responsible for the provision of advice giving support the education as well as the treatment vulnerable people.

This all must be done in the most efficient and effective way.

Their Values


  • Must always Place the users at the heart.
  • Make sure to deliver the best service every time.
  • It’s important to Support and develop the skills and knowledge.
  • Work with all stakeholders to deliver support.
  • Always Share clinical and industry knowledge.

Their Services

The National Gambling HelpLine is free to call on 0808 8020 133 or you can chat to an Adviser. services are available seven days a week, between 8am – Midnight. Support agents are well trained in all aspects of ways people can be impacted by gambling.

You can also reach them at their online Forum and Chatrooms This has all the information  aiding the support of problem gamblers as well as some recovery diaries and also information on other organizations like Gamblers Anonymous and Gam-Anon meetings.

Governance at GamCare

GamCare, is very committed to delivering good quality, effective services they deliver this with the blessing of the Board and the support given by the  governance framework:


They have a Board of Trustees who ultimately oversee our governance.

Alongside the Board they have two sub-committees which are responsible for different aspects of our Quality Assurance and Governance.

Systems and processes

The teams at GamCare work in very clearly defined systems so they can deliver safe and effective services.

They regularly review and update legislation, policies and best practice. Any serious issues or confusions are reported promptly and investigated as appropriate. in order to give people help for gambling addictions

Staff training

The staff have all the skills and competencies needed for support and they also go for regular training. This includes mandatory safeguarding training.


They really appreciate feedback and provide all the necessary tools for people to take client satisfaction surveys or send complaints and compliments they believe doing this helps develop their future strategy.

Evidence based practice

They review data and the outcomes of various situations and check client experiences regularly to make sure 100% that their services remain top notch.

Responsive services

They are incredibly responsive and offer brilliant service deliver they make sure people with issues get the help they need .



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