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Gambling Help Online is funded by all the  States and territories  as well as the Australian Governments they work very closely with Turning Point, Turning Point is a national addiction treatment centre.

This organisation helps provide Australians with access to counselling and information especially since most addicts are reluctant to get face-to-face help.

Gambling Help Online provide:

  • Free 24/7 counselling
  • Professional counsellors
  • A steppingstone for help-seeking
  • Extensive website content.

Gambling Help Online is jointly funded by

  • ACT
  • Australian Government
  • NSW Government
  • Northern Territory Government
  • Queensland
  • Government of South Australia
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Victorian Government
  • Government of Western Australia


Turning Point works with Gambling Help Online and provides addiction treatment centre around Australia. They are fully dedicated and provide high quality, and evidence-based treatments to the addicted.

Treatment Help with gambling Australia

Turning Point provides alcohol and drug addicted specialist treatments and Support and aids Gambling help online with there programs too.

There Clinics provide care to their clients who include a wide range of people like young people, pregnant women, polydrug users and gambling addicted.


 Turning Point offers training and study courses to people working in the health sector to build on their skills as well as provided education to the addicted and effected families.


Turning Point is always committed and looking for solutions to complex addiction issues and allowing people access to the best possible knowledge base.

Global network

They are part of a greater International Network of Treatment and Rehabilitation Resource Centers for the


Turning Point was established in 1194 and provides high-quality evidence-based treatments for any addictions.


Why do they do this?

They want to help people and ensure Great health and wellbeing for those that have been affected by addictive behaviours. Their mission is to Turning Point reduces the harms caused by addictions.

They do all this by offering:

  • Increases access to support
  • Delivers high quality service
  • Supports healthcare
  • Delivers workforce and learning courses
  • Undertakes policy changes and research
  • Provides policy advice to governments.

So How do they plan to do this?

They plan and have Built already integrated, innovative and evidence-based treatments treatment

It’s important to them to Strengthen Turning Point’s position as a leading addiction treatment centre.

Their Team are always Generating evidence to that drives policy and practice change.

Position Turning Point for growth and sustainability through their efforts and education

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