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On this website   we try providing advice and give you access to free & confidential help organisations.

We try educating You about how gambling works and provide tips on how to stay in control.

BeGambleAware® is an NGO that is independently funded by a charity and take the lead when it comes to Responsible gambling in UK

If you  are interested in finding out about the corporate structure and more information about GambleAware®,including  the management visit

GambleAware tries to provide information that allows people to make the correct decisions and face the facts about their gambling.

Help you always

They will always help and will educate you about gambling.

What safer gambling means and how you can manage yours so that it’s fun and not a dread disease.

The main focus of the organisation is to help gamblers understand and recognize problem gambling.

Then to show gamblers how and where to go get the correct information and all the help and support they need.


This organisation GambleAware is and will always remain committed to reducing gambling addiction and the harm it causes.

The charity is only funded by donations from the gambling industry with these funds GambleAware  runs various education, prevention and treatment services

The main goal of the organisation  is to stop  gamblers getting into problems  and provide fast and effective treatment and support.


The NGO GambleAware has the ability toi  raise sums in excess of £8 million each year in donations .

With these funds GambleAware’s creates and manages many programmes for the treatment of gambling problems.

Its also used to fund  many courses on harm and  prevention.

They are also very responsible for research  pertaining to gambling addiction and its effects.

The organisation is  guided by the National Responsible Gambling Strategy, and endorsed by the Gambling Commission.

Casino Help Charity GambleAware does not and never will endorses a particular gambling product, company or brand.

They allow their logos to be used and shown because their priority is to ensure that people get information, advice and support easily.

Safe Gambling

GambleAware Wants to ensure that people Keep gambling safe and fun.

If you are not enjoying it and spending too much money then the recent development that allows you to exclude yourself from a particular form of gambling completely for a period of time is your first step to recovery.

Other GambleAware  tips for safe gambling.

But if that seems more than you need, then we also have some tips to help you control your gambling.

These Tips include

Always consider how much money you can spend and leave the debit and credit cards at home .

Take only what you have budget for.

Set limits for each of your accounts and stick to these.

Set an alarm to remind you when you should stop.

Stop and Breath and take a break dont chase you lose.

If you feel you have a gambling problem talk to someone about it.




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