Who Is Anonyme-Spieler – Helping computer gambling addiction?

They are a community of women and men sharing their experience, strength in the hope to help addicted players to recover

Preamble of Anonymous Players

The only way to be a part of this community by Helping computer gambling addiction is for members is the sincere desire to stop playing. There are no fees. This organisation is run through voluntary donations.

(AS) is not affiliated to any specific political party, denomination, sect or any other organization or institution.  AS concern is to help gambling addicts stop playing.

Most people are very reluctant to admit that they have a problem it makes people feel bad and different from others. The idea that one day an addict will be able to control his gambling addiction is the fixed idea of ​​every addictive player but it’s not that easy. This is a deceptive idea most gambling addicts end up on to the brink of prison, madness and death.

What does AS Do?

AS tries to make addicts learn to be honest with each other and admit being an addicted player. This is the first step to recovery.

Above all AS makes addicts realise, they have a problem and the solution is to fix it is and this fix is not the same for everyone they must recognize that self-deception is no good when it comes to gambling. Gambling Addicts are all very are different! But once the ability to play in a controlled manner is lost an addicted player never regains this ability.


It’s easy to believe that that addicts can regain control this isn’t the case and its better to just get them to stop. Gamblers who try to stop usually and inevitably loss control this then gradually leds to physical and mental decline.

AS is convinced that Addicts suffer from a progressive disease and that Over time, this gets worse; if gamblers gamble and play it will always get worse, never better.

Gambling addicts lose three basic things: time, money, and their sense of value. Time and money are playful but the sense of value can never be restored.

In for addicts to live a normal, content and happy life again, AS  strive to the best of their ability  to teach addicts to  live according 12 principles these being.

12 steps

The recovery program

  1. Admit that we were powerless and can no longer master our lives.
  2. There is no power greater than us that can can give us back our sanity.
  3. We took the decision to entrust our will and our lives to God's concern - as we understood him.
  4. We thoroughly and fearlessly made a moral and financial inventory.
  5. Frankly we blamed God, ourselves, and another person for our mistakes.
  6. We were completely ready to have all these character defects removed by God.
  7. Humbly ask him to take our defects from us.
  8. We made a list of all the people we harmed and agreed to make it up to everyone.
  9. Make amends with these people - wherever possible - unless we hurt them or others.
  10. We continued the inventory with us, and if we were wrong, we immediately admitted it.
  11. Through prayer and contemplation, we sought to deepen the conscious connection with God as we understood him. We asked him to let only his will become recognizable and to give us the strength to carry it out.
  12. After experiencing a spiritual awakening through these steps, we tried to pass this message on to addicted players and align our daily lives with these principles.
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