Who is AGOG? - What is gambling addiction

AGOG organization offers help to people who have been affected by gambling problems. This intervention and help come from structural group meetings which are done anonymously with gamblers and those close to them.

Gambling addicts have a problem we know this, and it can put lives in an extremely worrying situation.

Who are these people?

People with gambling addiction have finances that are in dire straits most have cleared out their savings accounts this is what is gambling addiction causes. They have sky-high debts, and most of them also have mortgages that can’t be paid. By being a gambling addict, it changes a person’s social and emotional status.  It gives people feelings of guilt. A lot of the damage caused is to addicts partners and other loved ones. Gamblers and their families do have solutions. People can turn to   AGOG. AGOG group members tend to get well and heal their addictions and they eventually lead a normal and healthy life again. AGOG meetings are organized every week in the Netherlands.

Participants in the AGOG

Demographic background

90% men, 80% women is the split of people using AGOG. This fact is a little bit incorrect ad most of the females taking part are (female) partners and mothers of the people effected. AGOG Members are generally younger average age range is 31.

Gambling time

Most Members are typically 17 years old when they first gambled. More than 90% play slot machines. The majority of members had their first taste of gambling in the slot machine hall . Most AG people gambled an average of two to three times a week some daily.

For the family and friends, the discovery that a partner, child or other family member is a gambling addict is often a big shock.

Half of the members of AGOG have no idea how much money has been gambled in total.

Who Seeks Help?

Many Gambling addicts do not seek help for themselves it always takes a push or someone to hold their hands and take them to there first meetings.

Who is AGOG & How do we work?

The first contact with the AGOG usually starts with a phone call or with an e-mail.  Once AGOG confirms the addiction or the fact help is needed Then a referral is made to a local AGOG department. AGOG is a self-help organization so no one is forced to go. Once the person is integrated This is usually followed by a personal introductory meeting where a counsellor explains how the AGOG works. It is also indicated what is expected from the new group participant.

Rules at the AGOG

A number of important rules apply to AGOG. Persons using AGOG must immediately stop gambling. Addicts are expected to come weekly meetings. Everyone remains anonymous. The addicts must have all finances and money matters managed by someone else where possible.

Group meetings

The group meetings usually take place on a fixed evening of the week. A single group meets on a Saturday during the day. The evenings start between 7:30 PM and 8 PM and usually end between 10PM and 11 PM.


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