Responsible Gambling

Safe Gambling & Player Responsibility

This page teaches you everything you need to know about Responsible gambling & gambling awareness and how to gamble responsibly online.  

We will teach you how to choose between various online casinos.

The tips and you will need to maximize your casino experience.

What is this page about? 

This page is about you we want to look out for your well being but along the way we will also teach you and show you how to compare online casinos.

if you have had gambling problems this page will show you how to play responsibly and safely.


Let’s look at online casinos and identify the most important things to look for when choosing one for you

Fair Play

As Players you must feel safe and make sure your being treated fair way when you gamble.

Several factors can make your experience a better one Responsible gambling & gambling awareness are important.

Dirty Tricks?

Make sure you look for any dirty tricks  casinos can throw  your way  also understand how slot machines  work as this will give you a good idea of if you are being cheated or not .

Remember the Slots providers are usually independent form the casino when it comes down to online slot machines make sure you check all the rules related to the slot you’ve chosen to play

Random Number Generator

All Slots and Online casino games use a “Random Number Generator” (RNG). RNG is the heartbeat and brain of the slot machine. 

RNG generates numbers, which correlate to the symbols on the reels as you hit the “play” button the RNG kicks into action and starts working out what combinations of reels you can be hit with and then displays these.

How it works

it uses an algorithm and can’t be rigged by human intervention unless something dirty is happening.

Online casinos can trick you and give you a false sense of security so watch out for these kinds of tricks.

You may be the next one to win & you could land the next big win etc all lines used to fish for players. 

Fake News

Some of this is real but often its FAKE NEWS.

Loyalty programs and VIP programs that promise too much are usually not what they are intended to be.

They are meant to reward you for your play, but the online casino will reward you only when you keep spending more and more.

Sound and Graphics

Graphics and Sound too can give you a false sense of pleasure and keep you gambling for a longer period than you should so watch how much time your spending playing.

Slots not inline ?

Slots that just never line up the win. How may times have you seems 3 out of the 4 symbols on the reels, with the 4th one just landing out of place this can be another trick casino use to give the player sense of excitement and thrill.

This way, you might be more inclined to keep trying your luck.

Big wins happen rarely – Remember Safety First


Terms and conditions  are important for responsible gambling & gambling awareness and should be  part of every casino.

Create an account and terms and conditions will apply. 

Most Casinos try and have fair conditions but be on your guard.

Read the Terms!

Here at is always  read terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are always found on the footer of their website.

 Always remember most casinos are regulated These regulators ensure casinos fairness and legitness.

 If you play at one of these, you can rest assured you won’t get cheated.

Bonus Wagering

Most Bonuses are matched and usually have wagering of between 25x to 35x times but can sometimes reach up to 50x.

If the wagering requirements are any higher than that, you might be dealing with some unsavory terms and conditions, so be wary.


We recommend the following to ensure your mental health stays in a good frame and you are kept safe.

Always Keep track of your budget gambling behavior.


If you are preoccupied with online gambling and are playing more due to external stress factors, it might be a good idea to stop gambling.

CasinoChalk recommend that you do not use gambling as a means of escaping everyday life and always stay calm and relaxed.

MORE TIPS AND TRICKS for Responsible gambling & gambling awareness

We are all about staying safe while playing so take these steps to ensure it stays that way.

Make sure you’ always Have A watch handy as keeping track of time is the most important element to staying safe and responsible while playing.

Important Notes.

it’s important to always take regular breaks while playing

If its possible reduce game speed as this is a good way to keep your budget spend in check.

Always make sure you play online casinos when you are sober drugs and alcohol are known to impair judgement.

Having Problems.

Never play Casino as a way to escape Problems it is never a good idea.

Never try recover lost Money or chase your winning chasing lost bets is guaranteed to leave you in a negative state.

Playing casino games to try get yourself out of debt or our of a bad financial situation s a very slippery slope and should be avoided at all costs.


Always look out for these risk factors as if you see anyone clos to you developing in this way get them help immediately .

  • Do they have access to gambling portals?
  • Are they aware of true odds of winning and do they have accountability for wins or losses
  • Are they experiencing a life crisis or big life changes
  • Do they Get bored or lonely
  • Do they have a history of risk-taking?
  • Are they in financial drama?
  • Have they lost interest in their hobbies?
  • Do they Have mental health problems?
  • Have they ever been abused or taken advantage of?
  • Are any of their Family had a History of addict?


Gambling  effects peoples  mood , it effects the ability to think breaks up relationships messes up you’re financial situation and  could ruin your work. However  there are numerous institutions and bodies  out there for gamblers seeking help for an  addiction  all of these have good records overcoming addiction and you can get help.

Gambling Addiction Treatments for Responsible gambling & gambling awareness

There are many ways to overcome a gambling addiction and while some people take it upon themselves to address the problem.

it’s too much to handle for others. Any addiction can be overwhelming and knowing that there are people and dedicated bodies available to help is the most reassuring feeling to those suffering from problem gambling.

First Step to recovery

The first step in the path of course correction is accepting that a problem is present and you’re never alone. In this section, we’ll go through all the treatments and institutions available that are available to help problem gamblers get their life back on track.


This is the most recognised institution dedicated to problem gambling and Problem gamblers.

GamCare National Helpline

The national gambling helpline is 0808 8020 133 and can be reached any time of the day, seven days a week.


Problem Gambling Casino help Responsible gambling & gambling awareness CasinoChalk Know the Rules

18+ , Be Safe , Be Responsible always read the Terms and Conditions and Begambleaware.