Marketing and Social Responsibility policy.

Marketing and Social Responsibility Overview acknowledges that running our business has an effect on society and needs to be done by have a valid and up to date marketing and social responsibility Policy. In particular to people effected by gambling related addiction or other issues, we have a responsibility to our clients, our employees and our website visitors as well as the broader community in which we operate.

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We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and we encourage safe and responsible gaming begambleaware. CasinoChalk also want to make a positive contribution towards improving the way information and advertising messages are passed onto our visitors. We want to minimise our impact on this environment by improving the quality of our marketing and social responsibility policies especially.

Our Team are putting CasinoChalk’s marketing and social responsibility policy into practice and are committed, wherever possible, to:

Marketing and social responsibility policy Covers

Conducting ourselves responsibly and in an ethical manner

Improving service levels

Acting fairly in our dealings with suppliers and other third parties

Minimising the impact of gambling addiction and the harm it can cause.

Casinochalk refuses to market and promote gaming services to those under the age of 18 nor will we allow, assist or encourage others to market and promote to those under the age of 18.

We will show due regard for the Licensing Objectives our Operators have and those set out by the Commission.

Casinochalk has read and understood The Advertising Codes and have taken note of the Committee on Advertising Practice Guidelines too.

Data protection and privacy

We communicate this policy by means of our website

Casinochalk endeavours to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 alongside the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. Details can be found here.

Marketing and Communication

CasinoChalk will never send unsolicited marketing by text, email, telephone or other messaging.

We will make sure that if at anytime we decide to do such marketing it is with the blessing of the operators we work, and their strict approval and we will only use Terms and conditions supplied by them.

Our Company will not portray gambling in a manner which highlights its potential  to mislead people into believing that they can gain social, financial or gain confidence from gambling.

Our Team does not nor will we ever advertise offers or bonuses that place conditions on visitors to gamble a set amount of time or money or nor will CasinChalk incentivise you to spend.

We will not mislead our visitors we will try being extremely clear in our wording and full T&Cs related to advertised offers are one click away from the add.

CasinoChalk will never target or take advantage of children, young persons or vulnerable persons.

Responsibility and review

CasinoChalk has read and understood and is aware of what is excepted from us in regards all statutory and self-regulatory requirements set out by CAP and BCAP Codes of Advertising Practice and the IGRG Code for Socially Responsible Advertising.

We  have also taken note of the Gambling Commissions LCCP provisions SR 3 5.1.6 (Compliance with Ad Codes), SR 5.1.7 (Marketing of offers) and LC 16 (Responsible placement of digital ads).

CasinoChalk has tried to focus on these recommendations.

Our Team  has tried on various pages on the site to make it clear what the risks of gambling are how to protect yourself. We have provided proper warnings and recommendations for help should you require it.

Highest professional standards

We aim to adopt the highest professional standards and not to act in such a way as to compromise our Integrity or the Integrity of our operator partners and their licence obligations.

CasinoChalk s advertising will never  mislead you and we will never leave out any information that is important nor will we exaggerate anything that makes it seem gambling is not addictive or dangerous.

We will never promote inappropriate sites including but not limited to pornography, promote violence, promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age, promote illegal activities or violate intellectual property rights


Our Team  will ensure that any marketing we use is never in breach of any Advertising Codes  set out by the Advertising Standards Authority  more information on what is acceptable can be found here.

CasinoChalk promotes responsible gambling throughout the site and contains 18+ and responsible gambling warning messages in various places.

We  will only ever use banners, campaigns and content provided by and authorized by the operators we work with.

Our Team also shows and educates visitors about the organisations like  “” and has numerous “18+ only” links and messages on site.

CasinocChalk will never engage in, allow, assist, promote, encourage or benefit from, directly or indirectly, any act or traffic that involves fraud, whether of players or commercial entities.

Social environment

If CasinoChalk ever decides to undertake Social media activities, we will ensure that

Any promotion will have 18+ in the page bio.

CasinoChalk  will sign  any Facebook Addendum if we choose to advertise operators on that platform

CasinoChalk will never advertise in places that clearly are target below 18 years.

Check the list of casinos that meet our requirments