Another great innovative product from Sweden who would have thought.

Zimpler is Swedish and a great online payment method.

Zimpler Casinos Online deposit method is easy and fast .

What was it designed for?

It was designed with the sole purpose of providing to the needs of online gamblers and is now available in a multitude of countries across Europ.

Zimpler was specifically created to service depositing money at approved online casino sites.

This method is New and Modern it is fast and reliable. It has quickly become a favourite payment method among online casino.

Being that it’s a Swedish creation its popular among Scandinavian players. Zimpler has become the choice for casino player who want to deposit fast, safe and securely.

Zimpler Casinos Online deposit can be done in a matter of minutes when using the app.

How fast has it grown?

It has grown so fast that now Most online casinos offer this method. so

Getting started and Setting up an account is easy it will take you a matter of minutes before you are able to start using your account through their mobile app.

The App

Download the app  from any of the recognised App stores  enter your Telephone number and Bam you’re ready to go.

Its unbelievably fast and easy to use. If you have the app on your phone you then have access to your account.

As far as we are concerned there seems to be only one downside to Zimpler.

Zimpler can only be used to deposit at an online casino.

There is a small fee although the transactions are super-fast and almost instant

No Withdrawal option

You can’t use Zimpler to withdraw your winning and will need to have another option available for this if you’re a lucky player.

Zimpler is one of the better options and right up there with industry leaders like Skrill and Neteller

CasinoChalk has provided a list of Zimpler accepted online casinos where you can makes a deposit today!

We have no issues and recommend you give this method a shot its smooth and simple and will be a top provider soon.

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