Banking Method Poli

Poli is one of the least know of these type of purchase method but players based in New Zealand and Australia are using this and happy  to make use of PoLi .

Other Methods

Unfortunately Poli cannot be used outside of these two countries but remember that if your outside of these you have , methods like NetellerSkrill and PayPal.

Poli is connected to your bank account making it super-fast and secure for transactions  and you can use it to deposit and  funds and withdraw

Use Poli

Using Poli to Deposit is easy and seamless and can be done with very little hassle.

There are not that many casinos using it so when you find one use it worth using the option if it is offered.

Deposits care instant. PoLi has absolutely no fees when you deposit .

Look for the Poli logo in the cashier section at the online casino and you are ready to start playing. It’s the same as if you want to withdraw.

There are also no cost and fees to withdraw your funds.

Online casino poli deposit method can be found by looking for the logo.


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POLI allows you to use your same Internet banking facilities  when you want to purchase.

There is no need to use credit cards so this makes Poli a great option for players who don’t have a credit card. Using Poli then allows you to avoid the risk of fraud.

Using an online casino poli deposit  is easy.

Getting Started

POLI can be downloaded or used in your bowers and on mobile phones.

Once you have the software all you must then do is select your Internet banking account and login.

Once you have done that, you’ll be able to start using Poli to Transact.

Check on the Poli website to see if your banks supports POLI and if you find it on the lust your good to go Mate.

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