Interac Banking

About Interac Corp.

Interac Corp is well known for operating an economical and world-class debit payments system.

The company has a very broad acceptance it is reliable and very secure and efficient.

It is one of Canada’s leading payments brands it is used 16 million times a day to Transact.

The company facilitates secure financial transactions through its debit and money transfer solutions.

Fraud Prevention

Interac is now a leader in preventing and detecting fraud.

It has the proud record of having the lowest rates of fraud globally.

Interac Corp. even has Interest and investors that are banks, credit unions and merchants.

The company is a very innovative and evolving company and it does a lot of things to stay connected to its consumers.

Canada Loves

Canada loves the brand can continues to choose Interac products for its online transacting.

The offer various services such as

e interac transfer online is an easy method to use to purchase online.

Services Offered

  • Interac Cash – Canadians have access to cash at ATMs across the country.
  • Debit – Canada’s this is a national debit card service for purchases.
  • Flash – A  secure contactless enhancement service.
  • e-Transfer – Transfer of money.
  • Online – Secure online payments great fir online casinos.

Interac history

It is a JV between 2 products and services, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation.

The Association 

Interac Association - Established in 1984 Canada’s major financial companies decided to join forces to give Canadians greater scope and broader access to their money.

They did this by allowing them access to Services such as Interac Cash, Interac Debit and Interac Flash.

Acxsys created in 1996 by eight financial institutions these 8 were the founders of the Interac network sand they now wanted to develop a new alternative to what they had already.

So, the came up with   Acxsyand this included Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, mobile payments solutions, and international services.

8 Becomes 1

In 2013 Interac changed their business model and the 2-business model above merged into one financial powerhouse called Interac.

The merger of all these companies and products was completed in 2018, allowing the company to bring all its products under one umbrella.

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