Citadel is used mostly for casinos although they offer many banking options.

The online casino one is called Instant Banking and there are a  few Citadel Instant Banking casino.

This is an electronic money transfer service.

The way it works is  it connects users’ bank accounts to online providers including online casinos.

Players will use their own online bank accounts to do this.

The purchase will go via Citadel and not direct to the casino.

Citadel doesn’t make use of credit or debits cards to process transactions.

Its Common

Citadel most common method and the best way  to get funds into your account fast.

It works by using a money transfer authorization .

This is a direct transaction from the user’s bank account to the merchants’ bank account.

So its easy to get funds into your Citadel Instant Banking casino.

Citadel uses a wallet players can deposit or withdraw money to and from it.

The online merchant needs to have this option available to players for it to be used.

This payment method is mostly used by Canadian players but was available in the US at some point in the past too.

large Network

Citadel has one of the largest networks of banks linked to it in the world, with over 200 banks in 30 countries.

Citadel started using the wallet system in 2000 and have grown exponentially,

Getting started is easy.  

Open your EWallet account on Citadel website .

It’s free and you can start using Citadel immediately.

Payments are processed almost instantaneously and can be used off any device anywhere in the world  and off a mobile too.

Just make sure you have as strong internet to avoid the risk of having deposits or withdrawals not going through.

Citadel is the most used and recognized E Wallets .

it is an inexpensive solution and allows for quick and effective payment processing and transfer of funds from.


Citadel is the middleman provides a link between the user’s bank and the online casino the player has chosen without the need for the Online casino to see Any personal or financial related information from the bank .


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