The more advanced the technology the easier it has become for  online casinos are  to evolve. It’s a sign of the times that the days when playing from your mobile phone was high tech.  it has now opened a whole new world for online casinos.

Let’s look at the casino industry and the future of technology.

Online Gambling Technology News is Virtual Reality the next big thing?

VR - virtual reality and everything around it is the rage these days. In the past or early days of VR the graphics were basic and the equipment was bulky and large and pricey.

VR over time and since its inception has become less expensive and slimmed downed it is now enjoyed in many homes around the world. It has become more accessible cheap headsets such as Google Cardboard or Samsung’s Gear VR.  It has become cheaper and less expensive and has now led to it being incorporated into more and more online casinos and games.

There have been a few providers that have been using VR but the biggest users or uptakers of the technology so far have been NetEnt.  Gonzo’s Quest was tweaked to enhance play using VR.

Although VR has growing as a technology WebVR is still in its infancy.

Augmented Reality

Every played Pokémon Go If yes then you have experienced Augmented Reality.  AR is all about the experience and getting it closer to you.

Online casinos give players the ability to now play from wherever and AR helps bring the online casino closer to you own living room.  The technologies for AR include wearable Gloves technology and gloves.

AR is a long  way from being  ready but bringing table games  into your living room and giving you the ability to play with other real players and a friendly dealer is very exciting.

Skill-based Games

Millennials is the buzz word these days and they seem to run the world and make the decisions that will eventually decide the fate of many industries. The latest casino craze getting people excited are Skill-based games. These are Hybrid games made up of video game play and casino games.

These games are more fun and add more excitement due to intensive graphics and interesting characters. CasinoChalk believes this is all the rage and expects to see much more of this type game as online casinos look to draw in younger crowds.


ESports is the thing of the future and already attracting a huge following. imagine the adrenaline of a fantasy football joined together with online war games.

The factor driving the success of eSports today is the fact it is now a multi-million Dollar industry. Teams of passionate Young and excited computer game players. Play games against each other and stream their matches to huge Audiences.

Will eSports take Over?

The online casino industry is exciting and evolving and we are sure that  technology will  change the face of this industry forever.


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