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How to play Video Poker Machines:

In the article we are going to provide some tips and tricks to help you win at Videpoker these include things like :

Playing smarter

  • Playing slower
  • Picking the best games
  • Reducing the house edge
  • Avoiding the stupid mistakes

In case  none of this is new and you’re an expert already consider playing he- this is the page you should visit.

Video Poker online Casino are easy to find.

However, even if you are an expert you can always learn  more so continue reading.



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What Makes Video Poker Special?

Videopoker made its debut back in the 1970s and  has  only  gone from strength to strength it is now one of the most  most popular gambling games.

Do you know why?

Video Poker offer some of the highest odds  and has less of a house Edge that general slots machines because it  gives players the chance to influence the game’s outcome.

Why not check out these casinos and try your luck on some of these Video Poker games !



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Skills can be the difference.

Video Poker is one of the most games popular because of the mix a low house edge (profit to the Casinos)  and a chance to win big (in Jackpot proportions).

Video Poker can be played alone, and this make it easier as you then don’t have the pressure of a live Poker game.

There are not irritating pit bosses or  dealers  to scream at when your given bad cards  or fellow players comment on your play.



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Beat the Machine

The big question is. It possible to beat video Poker machines.

"The house always has an advantage."

This is true to most games, but video Poker is an exception.

Whether you choose to play Jacks or BetterDeuces Wild, or any variation of this game.


With knowledge and luck you can beat video Poker machines .

The truth is that because you are playing the machine and not a table of 10 real players who can bluff etc makes video Poker machines very beatable.

Hitting a big win on  Video Poker online Casino  is five times more likely when playing video Poker than with nay other game.

If you are deciding to jump ship there is a strategy to follow to beat video Poker machines.

Learn the Rules of Video Poker

The Game is simple.

 Video Poker is  based  on the mechanics of five-card draw Poker it  uses a 52-card deck.

When you press “Deal” your machine gives you five cards.

Then players must choose which cards they want to Hold and which cards to discard.

Draw Cards

Press "Draw"  again the machine randomly replaces the discarded cards.

The idea is to end up with a Poker hand such as flush, straight, two pairs, or even a royal flush just like it is in table-based poker.

Remember make the right decision and you can easily win at VideoPoker and even hit a jackpot.

Video Poker Basic Strategy

Never play video Poker and guess  if you have a winning hand.

This is a definite way you will lose a lot of money

Make sure to Keep practicing on your computer before playing any real money games.

Choose the Right Pay Table

Video Poker machines allow you to see the expected return before playing and this makes Video Poker incomparable to other games as you can see the expected return on your money on the pay table.

So check the good paytables and choose the Video Poker machine that’s best for you. It’s Important to understand the RTP of to find the most generous machine

Make sure not to play lousy machines that offer terrible paytable make this the first check you do before playing and work out your potential returns.

How to Beat the Jacks or Better Video Poker

Its never the same so the ways to win on Jacks or Better is different from the ways to win on Deuces Wild.

So as a start let’s look at how to play Jacks or Better.

Jacks or Better  has the lowest  when compared with Deuces Wild, Double Bonus Poker its defiantly one of the most  rewarding video Pokers games.

Always Play the Max

Always play max coins.

Jacks or Better offer top payouts.

Playing Max Credits this allows you the chance to if you hit a royal flush.

You can lower the coinage if five-coin bet is too high.

The difference is if you play less coins you can’t hit Jackpot.

Find the Best Pay Table

As noted above find the best pay table and you find your best chance to win this  is crucial if you are serious about beating a video Poker.

Slow Down

When playing Video Poker it’s important to use a slow-down strategy when playing.

No one will chase you as you can judge your timings and how long to play for.

Even better:

You can play and go on a break anytime you want.

The key is not to rush the more hands of Video Poker you the higher are the chances that you will win money.

You need to take complete control of your hand-per-hour to get the chance to extend your playing time and minimise your losses at the same time.

Join a Player’s Club

More than just the extras you get always look to join or be part of the loyalty program offered it gives you the best chance  to get bonuses then you can taker these bonuses and extend your play time .

Play the Progressive Jackpot Video Poker Machines

The progressive jackpot is the way to go if you after that big win and luck is on your side. There are progressive jackpots now on video Poker games and these give you chance of winning and to beat the game.

Keep an Eye on the Bonuses

There are plenty of promotions offered by casinos these days and not just on the Jacks or Better video poker but on others too. Dont be afraid to take it up and If you want a bonus, ask for it..

Things to Avoid

These are very practical and simple tips to help you possible have a win online.

The Kicker.  Always avoid the retaining the Kicker. It’s a mistake to think that the kicker gives you a chance `of higher payout.

The Straight / Flush.  Never keep three and don’t chase a straight or a flush.

The only time that you must ever look to keep three cards is when you can get a straight Flush.


Playing Video Poker is one the best games to play at your favourite online Casino.

Video Poker gives you a real shot at winning big.

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