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The CasinoChalk Writers are continually asked for tips on ways to increase the chances of winning and How to win slots when playing as much as we know this is hard, we try our best to help.

What we did do though was try draft some ideas and tricks we have learned over the years and write them in one article so we can try help you enjoy your experience.

In no way can we say that this is a winning strategy as slots are random, but there are ways to have more fun when.



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 How Online Slots Work?

 it’s is worth knowing how they work.

Slots work by using a Random Number Generator (RNG) and this is responsible for determining a spin a slot.

The RNG generates spits out a set of three random numbers on each spin these are then converted into the visual images you see on your screen.



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Random Number Generators Do Not Follow Pattern

Numbers generated by the RNG make sure that there is no defined patterns by prior results, or previously generated numbers do not have an effect on the current.

Each spin is independent of each other.  Every player who spins an online slot has the same chance of winning.

Online Slots Tips and Tricks

So we have established that Random Number Generators are the main factor on online slots that determine if you win or lose so we have given you some tips that can help you when you play and  How to win slots?

These we hope will improve your account balance at an online casino but more important is they will enhance you play and make it more of an experience to enjoy.

Set Yourself A Budget and Stick To It

It is an obvious point but one we have to make as we play online slots to enjoy the experience and to have fun it become sore and hurts us when we lose way more money than we can afford.

Decide beforehand how much of the amount you can spare and once it’s gone it’s gone.

Do Not Chase Your Losses

Never Ever Chase your losses it will leave you prone to losing even more.

This is the temptation to keep on playing when you are losing in the hope that things will turn or your next big win is around the corner and a few spins away.

Stick to your budget and accept because you will enjoy it more.

Look Out For Free Spins Offers

Extra Spins or Free Spins bonuses  are one of the very best casino bonuses out there.

These bonuses allow you play a few spins on the house where your money isn’t being used to wager with.

Give you a much longer gaming experience for less cash.

No deposit free spins  bonuses are often offered as an incentive to sign up to give you a chance to test the casino and play for free.

These bonuses are Risk Free so grab them when they appear or are offered.

Use Casino Bonuses Wisely

Free money helps there are more   Cash bonuses that are worth looking out for too.

Things like get a 100% up 200 or even 50% bonuses are offered always as a way to retain players.

Always be aware of the terms and conditions of these before using as you are usually having to wager many times before but the big advantage is  you are not  playing really with your own money .

Eat Up Free Cash 

Free and Extra spins  more common offerings than free cash these are a perfect  to way  play free slots.

Free cash is provided without the need of having to make a deposit.

Play Some Free Slots.

Most Casinos such as these and many more   let you ‘play for fun’  this is a great way to test the games before deciding to deposit.

Take your time an test  we  highly recommend you try different games in free play to see how the slot works and how you can win.

Take Your Time

It’s not a race when you play slots If you enjoy playing slots then Slow down, enjoy playing, savour and remember winners know when to stop and when to walk.

Look Out For Jackpot to Win Big

Look out for a progressive jackpot  nobody will be able to say for certainty  

if you can or when you will win the jackpot, but if a jackpot slot hasn’t been paid out and is way over due to do so then  it’s easy to predict that it might blow soon.

The Bottom Line – Play Because You Enjoy It

The best and really most important advice we think we can give any players is this…play because it’s fun and you enjoy it, not to win or have a life changing experience.

 be prepared to lose and you will have some decent wins Play for fun.

Where To Play?

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