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Guide to Jackpot Slots.

What’s in a word well when it is the word ‘jackpot’ then for an online gambler it rings all the bells it could be the dream of a huge win. Some of the amounts that could be won Playing Jackpot Slots are ridiculous and really can be a massive change to the person winning.

The thing about Jackpots is that these amounts could be won with a single spin. As good as this seems and how possible it is the truth is that there is more to jackpots.

There are many variations of jackpots we will try give you more details on these and how they work in this article.

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What are jackpot slots?

“Jackpot” if you look up the meaning in a dictionary it would read winning a big sum of money through a lottery or game.

For our purposes when we refer to ‘jackpot’ we are referring to the online gaming ‘Jackpot Slots”

Best Jackpot Slots

This is a very subjective as one person would always like something better than the next but there are few like Mega Moolah and Jackpot Drops that stand out for us.

it’s the same as trying to get an answer to your best colour or the best pizza – everyone’s version will be different or choice for that matter!

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Types of Jackpots

Four types of jackpot slots are available online These are: local, network, fixed and progressive.

The difference between these is size and frequency and the Jackpot of the jackpot and the Jackpot contributions contribute to the prize pot.

Local jackpots

This jackpot is one where you need to play at 1 and bet at a specific casino. This then means that local jackpots are smaller than network jackpots.

NetEnt’s Tiki Wonders and Gold Rush are 2 examples of these types of jackpots .

Network Jackpots

These jackpots are won by playing and betting at any online casino that this jackpot appears on. Popular network jackpots are  NetEnt’s Hall of Gods. These Network jackpots are the largest kind of Jackpots play these  and Win Big Online Casino.

Fixed Jackpots

This as the name suggest is a jackpot that does not increase with the more bets or people playing it the prize stays consistent. Jammin’ Jars is a slot that has a fixed jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is different to a fixed one in that it grows each time a a bet is made at the same casino or across the network.

I.e. When you bet and spin on Mega Moolah a percentage of each of your bets is added to the overall prize money.

Progressive jackpots grow and grow and sometimes the jackpots can reach extortionate amounts.

These jackpots ar run by RNG and this then means a jackpot can drop at any time.

Slots with Multiple Jackpots

There are some very unique slot machines than have more than one jackpot from a Mini jackpot right up to the massive main jackpot all under 1 machine Just like Mega Moolah, this slot has four

These slots are pretty much the same as a regular one, but the appeal is tha you have a chance to win massive.  They have the same structure, and bonus features, most include Wilds symbols and the free spins features like regular slots but these slots allow you to  Win Big Online Casino.

How to Play a Jackpot

For the most part, the opportunity to hit a jackpot win becomes available during a bonus game or feature. In some cases, the jackpot can only be triggered during a free spins round.

There are many machines that have a side game in them like a bonus wheel. Like a ‘wheel of fortune’ type game.,

How van i win a jackpot

 I honestly had the answer to tips or this, I wouldn’t be working so hard on my website and would be lying on a beach I own now. There are some of ways to look at and see what a jackpot slot can pay out and how frequently

What are the odds on Winning a Jackpot?

The odds of hitting and winning an online   jackpot can be calculated with a little math but timing and luck will always play a role.

RTP and volatility of jackpot games

Return to Player or RTP is the piece of the puzzle you need

Jackpot slots will always offer a lower RTP than most slot games, but this is not the rule of Thumb and it can vary.

jackpots tend to have higher volatility than other

Can you improve the odds?

Simple Answer NO there are some tips you can use to try increase your chances but a lot of it is still luck.

Jackpot slot strategies

Jackpot slots are like any other slot games it’s important to remember that these games are not based on skill, just luck. Check out the Slots page here for more onsite and ways to help you be safe and play wisely when playing slots.

Jackpot trackers

The internet is the best thing since sliced bread and especially cool if you want to keep tabs on jackpot payouts. There is a lot of information and a lot of sites have what is called a Live ticker which shows the updates of any jackpot Live .

What happens when you win a jackpot?

Well scream and shout it’s that simple you’ve won a jackpot prize! Contact the casino and double check your winning to verify that is correct and then well sit back and take it all in.

 “what happens now?”.


 important step – the payout – depends on the casino’s  but the rules are more or less the same , verify your purchase, verify your id and wait for the casino to pay you Some All the rules of what can be paid out and how much can be paid out in 1 go or multiple payments will always be laid  out in their T&C so check these should you be the lucky one.


The possibility of winning a massive amounts   is the biggest draw to playing jackpots but just  understand how jackpot slots work so you can enjoy these to the fullest lets get started and Win Big Online Casino.

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