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What is CasinoChalk’s sitemap?

CasinoChalk’s Online Casino Site Map is a file where we have provided all the information about the pages we have on this site.  It is where we show the relationships between  pages . Well known fact that Search engines like Google, Bing and others like to read these files as it will allow them to more intelligently crawl CasinoChalk’s site . Site Maps like the one on CasinoChalk informs the crawler which files we have marked as importan. It is also a way to provide valuable information about CasinoChalk and the files we have on site.  We have used it  to show  Google example pages that have been updated and when they were last updated. It also allows us to show how often the page is changed or manipulated and finally if we have any versions of a page.

We use  CasinoChalk’s Online Casino Site Map to provide information about out content.

  • A Online Casino Site Map also alows images to be crawled, and the subject matter read by the Algorythms.

Does CasinoChalk need a Online Casino Site Map?

At CasinoChalk we have made sure to properly link our pages. This ensures web crawlers can discover the site.  We have used our sitemap to improve the crawling of our site

CasinoChalk is large.  I have created my site map because Google web crawlers might miss my new and recently updated pages.

As I am still in the process of building my site ,  there are content pages being built every day. These are not well linked to each other so by having the sitemap in place I am making sure Google does not overlook pages.

This site is very new to the internet.  I have very few external links to it. By having the site map in place google can at least crawl correctly.

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